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Online Classes

ICanFlyy began online classes from 30th March, 2020. We started these classes to ensure that all our students were able to have something familiar in their lives during an unfamiliar and stressful time. A change in structured routine, even for a short while, is difficult for most students with special needs. We began with a few interactive classes with shorter time periods to enable the students to get familiar with a new way of learning, a new way of life. Gradually, as the lockdown extended, we added more of their regular classes. By the beginning of Lockdown 2.0 we had established a structured online routine that not only included one-on-one & group classes for life skills & functional academics, but also hobby classes and fitness classes. Training sessions for our special educators and empowerment sessions for our parents were also conducted online.

We are committed to supporting our students and our parents during these uncertain times. We recently concluded our first online PTMs (Parent Teacher Meetings) and have regular online meetings with our parents (one-on-one & groups). From these conversations, we have been happy to learn about many milestones – big or small – being achieved. Different aspects of our students’ personalities, their likes, and dislikes, have come to light, and this information has helped us to tailor their IEPs to suit this ‘learning at home’ time period. A whole new world of possibilities has opened up, and we are approaching special education with a fresh perspective. We look forward to walking this new path to enable the able.