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Our Facilities

ICanFlyy has a potpourri of facilities located across five floors of the building designed to make each day a wonderful experience for the students.

Covered Terrace for Outdoor Sports

A place for students to have fun while staying fit, our sprawling covered terrace on the 6th floor is perfect for basketball, badminton, kickboxing and a host of other activities. It also has a sandpit and a trampoline for the younger students.

Assessment Room

Called the Gateway, all prospective students and their parents meet with special educators and the principal for an assessment session in this room. After a conversation and some tests, the next step is a trial period of three to four days. The prospective students, under observation, participate in all the regular academic, vocational and hobby classes. Admission to the institute is then confirmed based on various factors observed during this process.


A cosy little room for students to rest in if unwell, the mini-infirmary on the fifth floor known as “Ouch!” has a comfortable bed and a first aid kit.

Audio-Visual Hall

Named the Satyajit Ray Hall, this is where all the hobby classes like singing, dancing, and theatre take place. In addition to audio-visual classes taking place here, suitable films are also screened for the students. The hall on the fourth floor is also home to freehand and yoga classes and impromptu dance jams are made more fun with two special disco lights.

Mini Gym

Called Johnny Bravo, this fully functional mini gym on the fourth floor of the premises ensures that the students not only learn skills but also remain fit and healthy. Certified trainers and supervisors oversee the gym classes where students use treadmills, exercise bikes and weights.

Make-up and Grooming Room

One of the brightest and most colorful rooms, the grooming room on the fourth floor is a fun place where students not only learn the basics of hygiene and how to groom themselves, but also learn to take pride in looking good and being confident in their skin. With a wide variety of make-up tools and make-up products on offer, there is something for each student.

Play Therapy / Occupational Therapy Room

Known as the Walt Disney room, this is a favourite with both students and teachers. All the shelves are filled with toys of multiple kinds for students across all ages, making it look like a wonderful toy store you’d never want to leave.The play therapy room is located on the fourth floor.

Digital Studio

Digital skills are an essential part of life today and this room is where our students learn to make the most of digital devices. From laptops to tablets, students are familiarized with various gadgets and basic skills to become independent – like using apps to order food or call a cab. The digital studio is located on the fourth floor.

AC Classrooms

Air-conditioned classrooms and ergonomic furniture ensure that students are comfortable throughout the day. Bright colours, beautiful wallpaper and inspiring quotes create an environment that encourages learning and creativity. Classrooms are located on the second and the third floor. All classrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Life Skills Rooms

Similar to the classrooms, these rooms on the second floor focus on skill building activities, circle time, storytelling and more.

Art & Craft Studio

Cheery, bright and colourful, this room on the third floor is where creativity and imagination are given a free reign. Here the students cut, paste, draw, paint and express themselves to their heart’s delight.

Weaving Studio

At our Weaving Studio, our students warp and weft creativity and skill, weaving hopes, dreams, and love into fabric.

Keep Calm Room

Called Om Shanti, this nook on the third floor provides our students with a private, personal space to calm themselves anytime they feel overwhelmed or need to re-centre themselves after an outburst or meltdown.

50-Seater Café

The ground floor houses Café ICanFlyy which empowers our students by providing training and employment. The Food Factory products also retail from here.

Contactless Biometric Access, CCTV Cameras and Safety

The safety and security of students is key. This is ensured by CCTV cameras and biometric access checkpoints on every floor. Fire drills are also conducted to make sure students understand how to respond and react in emergency situations.