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Success Stories

See how these students improve their performance.

In August 2015, when I first learnt of ICanFlyy, something about the name struck me in a very positive way. I was looking to move my endearingly naughty brother, Rishi, from an all-academic school, to one where his involvements would be more holistic, and lively.

I took an appointment at ICanFlyy without letting our parents know, and went to check it out. At first sight, I was amazed at what unfolded in front of me. Groups of beautiful students were spread across different rooms – a group was learning how to type on their laptops, another was engaged in learning yoga, another was playing around with dough in the well equipped kitchen trying to bake a cake. The students were divided by activities, interests, backgrounds, and talents. What silently united them all was a gleaming, ear-to-ear smile, symbolic of the happiness they realised by being right there, at ICanFlyy.

He feels immensely confident about himself, and that’s evident in how conducts himself in front of the people who live in our massive residential complex. While on his way to school, he wholeheartedly greets people he meets, with a pure, wide, innocent smile like he really wants them to have a great day! He has become twice as disciplined and thrice as particular about his belongings like his laptop, smartphone, books etcetera. He has learnt how to forge friendships and bonds with people outside the family.

It makes me immensely happy that every single day Rishi looks forward to a day filled with different activities in a great school replete with modern-day amenities, compassionate faculty and non-teaching staff who take such great care of him. To his wonderful friends and guides at school – I sincerely thank you for contributing to Rishi’s growth as an individual, and for the thousands of moments when you’ve made him show his dimples.

– Rishi’s brother

ICanFlyy has taken my daughter’s life to another level. When she had joined, she was a reserved child. Now she is a confident young lady who is happily working as a part of the café team and is also making many new connections in life. Thank you team ICanFlyy! Her achievements would not be possible without your guidance.

– Saloni’s parents

After joining ICanFlyy, Prakriti’s life has taken u-turn. From a girl with low self confidence, who did nothing but watch television and a few household chores, she has become an active, engaged, confident woman. The very thought that she has started earning and is taken her first steps towards becoming independent makes us so happy and proud. A big thank you to team ICanFlyy for making this possible!

– Prakriti’s parents