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One of the most important things for parents to understand about the education curve of their special needs child or adult is that the traditional definition of progress does not apply. Success is not defined in terms of linear academic progression and there is no magic wand with which to complete an academic to do list. It is important for parents to understand and grow to accept this. To empower, encourage, educate and guide our parents & family members, we have regular workshops with experts in related fields. Each special child is unique and learns at his or her own pace. It is essential to understand and accept both their capabilities and limitations, encourage the achievements, and not chastise, but support any setbacks. In special education, the road is one that’s not easily travelled, but with perseverance, hope, and love, together we can do our best for your child.

Self Growth

Topic:- IKIGAI- The Purpose Of Life

Topic Details:-

  1. Understanding the purpose of our life
  2. History of IKIGAI and understanding the concept
  3. Importance of having a purpose in life
  4. Strategies to Implement purpose of life
  5. Barriers and how to overcome them
  • Date: 8th October, 2023
  • Timings: 11 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Venue: ICanFlyy International School and Zoom
  • Facilitator:- Mrs. Sugandha Ramkumar
  • Call +91 33 4950 0900 for registration

Payment options for Registration:


1. Pay cash/cheque (to ICANFLYY A UNIT OF PATTON FOUNDATION) at ICanFlyy, 4B, Valmikee Street, Kolkata – 700026. Contact no:- +91 8017067567, 033-24754401/02.

2. Online transfer (followed up email to with the transaction number) to ICANFLYY A UNIT OF PATTON FOUNDATION, HDFC Bank, Current Account No. 50200050267190 (31, Chowringhee Road, Park Street, Kolkata- 700016) IFSC Code HDFC0000693.

3. All payments made through paytm is subject to acceptance only when the sent money receipt copy is shared either through mail or Whatsapp to 8017067567.